La vida nueva – the start of something new


Ten years ago a new pair of Converse shoes went on an adventure with a wide-eyed teenager on her gap yaaar – Spanish school in southern Spain followed by exploring the continent with one of her best friends, Kim. The Converses climbed the Eiffel Tower, tiptoed around the Vatican, ran for (and missed) countless trains and danced the night away at a strange French discothèque on a barge.

I look back on that trip as one of the best experiences of my life. The shoes served me well, but after a decade of use and abuse they were recently, and rather unceremoniously, binned after going out in a colourful blaze of glory at Notting Hill Carnival.

New shoes, new adventure

Spotless and shiny, I can’t wait to break in the new pair I’ve just bought and start our South American journey in them.

Steven has been offered a transfer to Lima, Peru with his company and we decided to abandon ship and leave London behind for la vida Lima!

The last few weeks have flown by in a blur. Flights are booked for Tuesday 20 October (yes, that’s just around the corner) and we’re in the middle of the daunting task of packing up our lives, emotional goodbyes and a monumental to-do list that seems to be growing by the minute instead of diminishing… Eurghhh… So I’m doing the sensible thing and procrastinating instead! I’ve decided to start a blog, documenting our adventures.

Blaw Blaw Blooooog

Why?, I hear you groan whilst rolling your eyes. Another blog? Another blog to clog the internet’s dusty cobwebby corners?

Firstly, as a little project I’ll hopefully enjoy crafting. I love writing – it’s a part of my soon-to-be-former job and I want to keep those creative juices flowing and the grey matter ticking.

Secondly, as a fun way for friends and family to keep in touch and read about our aventuras.

I’m planning to keep it light-hearted and focus on my favourite things – food, art, culture, history, travel, language. Simples! And lots of photos with the shiny new camera I’ve just ordered 🙂

A quick note on learning a foreign language

One of my biggest worries is getting my very rusty Spanish up to scratch. I’ll be enrolling onto an intensive Spanish course for a few months in Lima, but to get me started, I’m reading a bi-lingual novel. I’d really recommend this to anyone learning a foreign language. With Spanish on one page, and English on the next, it’s easy to swap between the two when you’re stuck, without having to grab a dictionary. The fact that you’re reading a novel makes it an engaging way to learn – I’m genuinely enjoying the story, and learning lots of new vocabulary along the way. At the moment I’m reading La Mujer sin Lagrimas (The Tearless Woman).  I’m halfway through and hooked, though at a painfully slow pace!

Enough for now. Back to that to-do list.

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